Commit f8698895 authored by Emeric Verschuur's avatar Emeric Verschuur

add persistant settings and a lot of comments :)

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......@@ -247,6 +247,19 @@ _test_case_16() {
_test_case_17() {
rm -f /tmp/bashopts_testrc
bashopts_setup -n "$0" -d "Test case $0" -s /tmp/bashopts_testrc -p
bashopts_declare -n a_value -l value -d "A value" -s -i -t string -v "default value"
bashopts_process_args > /dev/null <<< ""
req_test_eq "$a_value" "default value"
req_test_eq "$(cat /tmp/bashopts_testrc)" "a_value='default value'"
if [ ${#} -eq 0 ]; then
for t in $(grep -E -o '_test_case_\w+\>' $0); do
echo "=> Test case $t"
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