Commit 10b57ec7 authored by Emeric Verschuur's avatar Emeric Verschuur

Improve join_by to support multi character separator

parent ae332945
......@@ -387,9 +387,12 @@ bashopts_math_min() {
# join array element
bashopts_join_by() {
local IFS="$1"
shift || bashopts_log C "Usage: bashopts_join_by <character> [elt1 [elt2...]]"
echo "$*"
local sep="$1"
shift || bashopts_log C "Usage: bashopts_join_by <separator> [elt1 [elt2...]]"
printf "%s" "$1"
test $# -gt 1 || return 0
printf "$sep%s" "$@"
# dump an option value by its name
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