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--no commit message
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* @brief OBJET : represente la structure acceleratrice
* @file LrBinderOct.h
* @date Lundi 10 Mars 2008
* @note
* @author Josselin Francois
* @author Michael Nauge
* @author Axel Richard
* @author Hervé Souchaud
* @author Emeric Verschuur
* Ce fichier contient la classe qui gère la creation d'une structure acceleratrice pour la gestion des objets 3D
#include "LrBinder.h"
#include "LrOctree.h"
#include "LrVector.h"
#define MAX_DIV 4
class LrBinderOct : public LrBinder
private :
LrOctree *m_globalOctree; //un pointer sur la boite englobante principale
public :
typedef std::list<LrOctree *> LrOctreeList;
LrBinderOct(const LrBinderOct & source);
LrBinderOct(ListObject l, LrVector pos_init, LrVector &taille);
virtual ~LrBinderOct() = 0;
virtual void createSubdiv(LrOctree &oct, Real taille);
virtual bool getIntersection(LrRay &ray, LrHit & hit);
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